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- National Tank Outlet supplies water tanks, storage containers, and plastic tanks at the lowest prices. Buy more than 5,000 poly tanks online or call us now. We supply plastic tanks for the industrial, commercial, agricultural markets, and transportation markets. We can provide our plastic tanks with various connections to meet your needs.

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Black Tank Clog Prevention Tips: Use RV-safe toilet paper: Regular toilet paper designed for household plumbing can cause clogs in RV black water systems. RV-safe toilet tissue breaks down quickly, helping to prevent clogs. Clean and treat your tank regularly: For tips on properly maintaining your black water tank, read more here.

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The grey tank holds the dirty water from your RV shower and the kitchen sink. Some used campers and vintage RVs may not have this tank. 3. Black Water Tank. This is the one that tends to scare new RVers. The black tank holds waste water from the toilet. If your RV does not have a gray tank, all dirty water is dispensed into this tank. 2 days ago · A toilet paper is so negligible, and we are so used to using it, that it being the reason for clogging the tank doesn’t hit our brain cells. Unless your drainage system is all jacked up and you are emptying the garbage bin in the toilet bowl, the culprit is the toilet paper.

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The tanks are made with acrylic and they are 100% fully functional. They are resistant to impact and they are even stronger than porcelain toilet tanks too. Before you wonder if you flush the fish when you flush the toilet, don’t panic, there is still the original tank that comes with the toilet that will flush the toilet. KOHLER K-4436-0 Wellworth 1.28 gpf Toilet Tank with Class Five Flushing Technology, White 3.8 out of 5 stars 38 American Standard 4149A104.020 Champion-4 HET Toilet Tank, WhiteLeaky fill valves, tank bolts and spud washers are the three most common places in the toilet tank where leaks are likely to occur. This guide provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to replace a fill valve, tank bolt or spud washer to stop your toilet from leaking.